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    Who is a thoughtful Christian?

    You are! By visiting this site, you are showing that you want to wrestle with the questions that inform the way we live out our faith in everyday life. Jesus called us to love God with our minds, as well as our hearts and souls. This, he said, is the greatest commandment: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind" (Matt. 22:37 NRSV).

    What is TheThoughtfulChristian.com?

    The Thoughtful Christian is a Web-based resource center located at TheThoughtfulChristian.com. It is filled with studies ranging from one to four sessions each for adult groups and individuals. Each session is designed for forty-five minutes to one hour and comes with a three- to four-page Participant Handout and a two- to five-page Leader's Guide with lesson plans and resources. The studies can be downloaded as Acrobat PDF files, printed out, and photocopied for use in classes or for personal study and devotion. In addition, leaders can e-mail the Participant Handout to students in advance of the next meeting. New studies, including rapid responses to current events, will be added to the site on a regular, ongoing basis.

    What topics will The Thoughtful Christian cover?

    The studies are grouped into six categories:

    • In the News
    • Contemporary Issues
    • Popular Culture
    • Bible and Theology
    • Christian Living
    • Spirituality

    These studies can be used in the following settings, among others:

    • Adult Sunday school
    • Weekday evening discussion groups
    • Young adult classes
    • New member classes
    • Lay leader training
    • Weekend retreats
    • Personal study and devotion

    How much will it cost?

    Individuals and churches have three options for purchasing studies from The Thoughtful Christian (academic institutions and other organizations please click here for more info):

    - Individual purchase

    The rates for downloading individual studies on TheThoughtfulChristian.com are as follows:

    One-session unit$5
    Two-session unit $10
    Three-session unit $14
    Four-session unit $18


    - Save money with a Basic Study Pack!

    Benefits of the Basic Study Pack

    You may purchase a pack of five units, of any length, for just $40. These five units may be downloaded at any time.

    For example, if you purchase a study pack today you can download a one-session unit today, a two-session unit and a three-session unit next week, and two three-session units next year. (Your savings in this scenario, incidentally, would be $13 over purchasing the units individually.)

    - Annual subscription

    Sign up for an annual subscription today! Save money, have unlimited access, and add additional users to your account!

    Benefits of an Annual subscription

    UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: An annual subscription allows you to download as many studies as you want in a 12-month period. You may download new material or material that was posted before your subscription began. Your subscription will begin as soon as you complete the order and you may begin downloading studies immediately.

    PREMIUM STUDY PACKS: You also have access to all of our Premium Study Packs and Reading Room essays at no additional charge.

    ADDITIONAL USERS: Another benefit of a subscription is that you can add up to four additional users to the account at no additional charge. So if you are a director of Christian education or pastor who oversees the education program, you can add your teachers to the account so they can have access and download as many studies as they want, whenever they want. Beyond the first five initial users, additional user accounts may be purchased for a setup fee of $10 each.

    REBATE: If you're not ready to commit to a subscription just yet, try out a few studies and see what you think. Come back within 30 days of an individual or pack purchase and we'll deduct the cost of that purchase from the cost of the annual subscription.

    Can I make photocopies for my friend in another church?

    No. Individuals and churches are given permission to make photocopies of studies they download for use in a single class or to e-mail student sessions to class participants. Permission is not granted for distribution of these studies, either by photocopy or by e-mail, to other individuals or churches for their use. Those who distribute copyrighted materials from this Web site in violation of these policies, and in violation of U.S. copyright laws, will have their access to the site revoked.

    Is The Thoughtful Christian affiliated with any religious organization?

    The Thoughtful Christian is maintained by Westminster John Knox Press, the publishing house of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). However, The Thoughtful Christian is an ecumenical site with writers from a variety of denominational affiliations and experiential backgrounds. It is our goal to help Christians from a wide variety of perspectives find resources to help them understand, share, and practice their faith.

    What is the mission statement of The Thoughtful Christian?

    The Thoughtful Christian is a Web-based resource center that seeks to help Christians wrestle with difficult questions by stimulating informed conversation and reflection about living faithfully in a complex world.

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